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Pornography is dangerous

Posted in Politics on March 31, 2010 by ejrussell

If you have ever bought into the lie that regular viewing of porn is somehow normal, look at this. It ruins lives. I’ve had people close to me that have had their lives very nearly or completely destroyed by it. The website from where the linked article got it’s information is linked here.


Marriage is dumb. I know this because a celebrity said so.

Posted in Politics, Pop Culture on March 26, 2010 by ejrussell

Well who knew that one of the most time honored traditions of mankind was just plain ol’ dumb? I mean what could be more stupid than being with someone you love more than anything for the rest of your life? Well here’s what hunky Matt Damon has to say about it:

“I love being married to my wife – she’s the best thing that ever happened to me, but if she ever left me, I wouldn’t do it again. Because it’s crazy – to spend your life with one person and not be totally driven crazy.”

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Well Matt if you enter into a relationship and not be driven crazy than I suppose that portrayal in “Team America” wasn’t too far off. Of course you’re going to be driven crazy by marriage! No one person is going to be exactly compatible with you and whomever you’re with is going to have their own quirks just like you. To say that marriage is “crazy” is plain ol’ ignorance on you’re part.

Not to be out done of course Sarah Silverman says marriage is “gross”. Well that is quite the astute observation from a 39 year old woman! Marriage is gross! Why is that you ask? She compares it to eating meat and she’s a vegetarian of course:

“I’m a vegetarian, but I don’t have a problem if you want a hamburger. Marriage to me is like eating meat. I think it’s gross and [bleep]ing crazy.”

Right. That makes so much sense. She goes on to say that since most states don’t recognize gay marriage, Ms Silverman says that marriage is like a country club for white people that doesn’t allow blacks or Jews. Read more here. Now I’m confused on that last part. Is marriage gross and crazy because it’s like eating meat or is it crazy because most states don’t recognize it? Now one could argue it could be both, but I don’t play that. It’s like saying you don’t like meat because it’s murder and cows aren’t allowed to eat it either.

Now my personal take on marriage is rooted in my religion as I believe it is divine in nature and it’s not just two people who are in love. Yes there are certain rules that apply and you must meet those requirements in order to participate. If you don’t like the rules then don’t play the game, don’t run around telling everyone else to change the rules. Furthermore I think the government shouldn’t even be involved in a religious rite anyway. I mean after all separation of church and state right?