30 Day Song Challenge: Day 2 Your Least Favorite Song

Remember in Day 1 how I described how Weezer’s Buddy Holly filled me with energy and excitement? How every time the song was played I simply had to dance and/or sing along? Well today’s song does the exact opposite. It fills me with an intense violent unstoppable rage that makes me want to punch somebody in the face. The song you ask? “How Bizarre” by OMC.

OMC was something of a national success back in their native New Zealand and “How Bizarre” ended up becoming one of the most popular songs in that country. Wikipedia has more here if you’re at all interested. All I know is that there are ear worms and then there are parasites that make you want to do violence on the makers of such an abomination. Yes this is one of those parasites. For the life of me how can anyone like this song? On purpose? The lyrics make no sense, the singer’s voice annoys me and it quite possibly has the most mind numbing chorus in any pop song ever. I don’t understand how this ever made it as an international success? Is New Zealand really that bad at making pop music? Well no, there’s always A Crowded House. However I’m going to be completely honest and say that only three good things have ever come out of New Zealand: Kiwis (the cute little bird, not the fruit that actually comes from China. Seriously!) Maori Hakas and Peter Jackson.


2 Responses to “30 Day Song Challenge: Day 2 Your Least Favorite Song”

  1. And there’s not one attractive woman that whole video. Remarkable.

  2. …*in* that whole video. So much for having a Bachelor’s degree in English…

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